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Reflection on the Election results, Coalition agenda + updates

To: SNAP Coalition 
Fr: Vicky Negus and Pat Baker
Good afternoon!! We are THRILLED to be emailing you all this morning with the weekend news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the next President and Vice-President of the United States. We cannot express how significant this is for low-income communities and for our work to protect and strengthen federal nutrition programs for the years ahead.
Our work is far from over - among other priorities, as reported in the Boston Globe on 11/5/2020  - over 1 million MA residents do not have enough to eat - the food insecurity rate in MA has increased by 59% and child food-insecurity shows a 102% increase over pre-COVID-19 levels. See Feeding America report HERE. While recognizing the work we need to do as we move forward, we also want to take a moment (many moments!) to celebrate! For the past four years our anti-hunger community has successfully defended against cuts to SNAP - time and time again, as this Administration has sought to cut benefits, this community has prevented harm from happening. THANK YOU! We are so in awe of all that you do, and we look forward to continued partnership with you as we move forward. 

More to come on the transition front, but in the meantime please email Vicky or Pat if you would like to be involved in transition conversations. 
SNAP Coalition 11/10 at 10 AM - Agenda and Zoom info 
Agenda (subject to change):
  • Federal check in - the next 2.5 months, transition planning, what role the MA anti hunger community can play, etc. 
  • Statehouse updates and House Ways and Means budget priorities (SNAP gap, HIP, a much needed boost to cash assistance, etc)
  • updates from DTA - P-EBT, etc
  • Project Bread 2021 campaign for universal free school meals 
  • announcements from partners and sharing issues in your local community 
Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 209 236 814
Passcode: 658102
One tap mobile
Public Charge update - reminder of EOHHS guidance 
Before the election last week we shared that a judge had vacated the public charge rule (struck down the entire rule). However, the Department of Homeland Security appealed the decision quickly and asked that the court decision be halted while their appeal moves forward - that request was granted. So, USCIS can continue implementing the public charge rule (for now). 
What does this mean for immigrant families and SNAP? As always, getting SNAP on behalf of US Citizen kids or other eligible household members does not impact public charge for the person getting SNAP on their behalf - and most immigrants who are eligible for SNAP are not subject to public charge. We encourage you to share the EOHHS revised public charge guidance widely! 
DTA updates on Interim Reports and Recertifications - IRs waived for many!
DTA has made some changes for Interim Reports and Recertifications. Most significantly, Interim Reports have been waived for cases where the paperwork was due between December 2020 and June 2021 (except for cases where a member is getting cash assistance). To learn more, see our COVID google doc.  Thank you to DTA for continuing to maximize federal flexibilities to ensure eligible low income households can more readily get and keep SNAP.