PPER Email 2014-38 - TAFDC: Education and Training Clock


The 2014 welfare reform statute provides that a TAFDC client may satisfy their work program requirement through an education or training activity for up to 24 months. This includes basic education services, 4-year degree programs at a higher education institution, community colleges and certificate programs. Participation in a vocational education program may satisfy the work program requirement for 12 months. Vocational education is defined as organized educational programs that are directly related to the preparation of individuals for employment in current or emerging occupations. If a client is making substantial progress towards the completion of a degree or certificate program, however, but the 24- or 12-month limit has been, or is about to be exceeded, the Department may determine that the work requirement can continue to be satisfied by this activity. If the education or training activity is less than the hours per week required to meet the work requirement, the client must be referred to an additional ESP activity, such as Community Service or Employment Ready. 

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