PPER Email 2014-37 SNAP: Acceptable Methods for SNAP Applications


The Department does not currently accept SNAP applications by phone.

Department staff must not complete the Request for Assistance workflow (RFA) on SNAP cases before receipt of an application. Prior to receipt of an application that meets the minimum requirements of a name, address (if any) and a signature, Department staff must not initiate an application.

If a prospective applicant, who is interested in applying for SNAP benefits, calls the Department but does not yet have an application on file, Department staff must advise the caller that they may apply one of three ways:

  • online at  https://service.hhs.state.ma.us/ierhome/LandingPage.do?method=displayConsumerHomePage&pageSwitch=HOME
  • by paper application that can be mailed/faxed or dropped off at a TAO; or
  • in person at a TAO.
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