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Planning for Life After Special Education in Massachusetts (second Edition)

Disability Law Center

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What Is This Manual?  
The online Transition Services Manual is written for parents and students who are advocating for better transition services, including social, vocational and independent living skills. It is written in an easy-to-understand format but also contains “Endnotes” and an Appendix at the end of the Manual with legal information for attorneys and experienced advocates.
The first edition of the Manual was edited by the Disability Law Center (DLC), in partnership with the Federation for Children with Special Needs, the Institute for Community Inclusion, and Mass. Advocates for Children. It was written by the Northeastern University School of Law Legal Skills in Social Context program.  The second edition was revised and edited by the Disability Law Center.

What is New in the Second Edition?
Since the provision of transition services is a rapidly developing area of educational law and policy, we have added several substantial changes to our first edition of this Planning for Life After Special Education Manual first published online in the Fall of 2011.  Along with revisions made to content in the 2011 edition, we have added new information on the following topics:
·       Managing public benefits for transition age youth and young adults seeking employment.

·       Developing appropriate transition services for students with severe developmental disabilities.

·       Preparing for your student’s college admission and success.

·       Helping your student transition successfully into the adult work force.

·       Personalizing transition services for students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

·       Knowing various diploma options are available for special education students, and evaluating which option may be best suited for your student.

·       Challenging your student’s high school graduation.

In addition, the Second Edition of the Manual also includes:
·       A substantially revised Table of Cases and Case Summaries to provide a more up-to-date and comprehensive picture of important developments in special education law.

·       Thirteen new informational videos on topics including transition tips, managing public benefits for students seeking employment and resolving legal problems associated with your student’s individualized educational plan.   (These videos are in English, ASL and Spanish).

·       Additional, specific suggestions on how to develop comprehensive post-secondary vision statements, IEPs and transition plans.

Finally, sources cited by the manual have been updated and verified, additional links for further information have been added on specific topics, and broken links directing readers to additional outside information topics have been located and repaired.

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