Ops Memo 2014-03B: Electronic Document Management (EDM) Release 1 - DTA Clerical Staff Responsibilities


Effective with BEACON Build 46.1, DTA will implement Electronic Document Management (EDM), Release 1. Release 1 focuses on implementing EDM and DTA myWorkspace (MWS) to facilitate the centralized scanning and distribution of postal mail. The implementation is being introduced through five Operations Memos that provide an overview of the project and detail centralized mail processing, MWS functionality, clerical, case manager and Central Office responsibilities, respectively.

The vast majority of documents that are currently mailed to TAOs and Central Office by applicants and clients (hereafter referred to as clients) such as applications, recertifications and verifications, will be routed to a centralized scanning unit at the EOHHS Electronic Document Management Center (EDMC) in Taunton. The EDMC mail clerks will scan and index documents and make them available in MWS to clerks in the TAOs and Central Office Business Units, who will assign the incoming documents to appropriate staff, as is the current practice.

This is the fourth in a series of five Operations Memos about EDM, Release 1. This memo transmits procedures for DTA clerical staff in processing postal mail upon implementation EDM project, Release 1.

Operations Memo 2013 – 61, Electronic Document Management – Release 1 (issued 12/12/2013), introduced the EDM project to staff.

Operations Memo 2014 – 3, EDM Release 1 – EDMC Mail Facility Processing Responsibilities (issued concurrently with this memo) advises staff of the EDMC mail clerk responsibilities and the relationship of DTA myWorkspace to the EDM process.

Operations Memo 2014 – 3 A, EDM Release 1 – DTA myWorkspace Functionality (also issued concurrently with this memo) provides DTA users with basic MWS functionality and instructions for navigating the MWS software.

Operations Memo 2014 – 3 C, EDM Release 1 – DTA Case Manager and Central Office Business Unit Responsibilities (also issued concurrently with this memo) provides case managers and Central Office Business Unit staff with instructions for processing tasks retrieved from MWS.

This Operations Memo will describe the DTA clerical role upon receipt of the digital documents.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this memo is to transmit procedures to be followed by DTA clerical staff as they relate to the EDM project, Release 1.

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