Ops Memo 2013-41: Annual Reporting and Transitional Benefit Alternative Case Processing Modifications



This Operations Memo advises staff about BEACON and case processing changes for Annual Reporting (AR) and Transitional Benefit Alternative (TBA) cases. These changes are required to better align DTA case processing with federal rules. The memo describes which verified information will trigger a benefit recalculation and possible decrease for AR cases and instructions to prevent dual participation in TBA cases. Case manager and Central Office processing responsibilities are included.

AR Changes

Although the reporting requirement is not changing for AR households, effective with the July 29, 2013 implementation of BEACON Build 45.7, the Department will recalculate an AR household’s benefit at any time during the certification period and pay the recalculated amount, even if reduced, in certain circumstances. A recalculation and possible decrease will occur when the Department obtains information considered verified upon receipt including, but not limited to, when:

  •  the client informs the Department a household member has moved out;
  •  the Department receives data matches; or
  •  a change occurs in the cash benefit amount for combination cases.
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