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Ops Memo 2013-34: Residency Requirement (out-of-state use of EBT benefits)


MLRI Comments to Operations Memo on EBT usage out-of-state and DTA "residency requirements:" Please contact MLRI or your local Legal Services office if your SNAP or cash benefits are terminated for out-of-state usage. SNAP and cash recipients have the right to use their benefits in other states, including border states and/or when visiting family in other states as long as they have not abandoned MA residence. SNAP or cash recipients may not recieve EBT benefits in more than one state at the same time, and are not eligible to receive benefits in MA if they have established residence in another state. However, use of EBT benefits in another state is not conclusive proof of abandonment of MA residence. Further, SNAP benefits are federally funded and federal law requires that SNAP be "interoperable" between states. Termination of SNAP or cash benefits based solely on out-of-state use may be illegal. 


DTA Overview in Operations Memo 2013-34

Massachusetts residency is an eligibility requirement for applicants and clients (hereafter called clients) for TAFDC, EAEDC and SNAP. Continuous usage of benefits outside of Massachusetts may indicate that a client is no longer a resident. New automated and Central Office processes will monitor the continuous out-of-state EBT usage of cash and SNAP benefits in an effort to determine if residency may be presumed to be abandoned.

Purpose of Memo

This Operations Memo:

  • advises TAO staff of the new automated process for determining whether certain active clients have abandoned Massachusetts residency and actions that will result if residency has been abandoned;
  • reminds staff of residency requirements; and
  • outlines case manager responsibilities.
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