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OLGT 2023-02: SNAP: Legally Obligated Child Support Expenses Reminder


When a household with no member who is at least age 60 or federally disabled applies for SNAP benefits, the first test of eligibility is whether the household’s total gross income exceeds their monthly gross income limit. However, legally obligated child support payments paid for a non-household member are excluded from income for the purpose of this gross income test.

This means that when staff enter the child support expense into BEACON and mark it as verified, the system will automatically subtract the child support expense from the household’s total gross income before comparing the household’s gross income to the household’s gross income limit.

If a household with countable child support payments passes the initial gross income test, BEACON will add the monthly child support payment amount back into the household’s total monthly gross income. After that, BEACON will credit the household with all the applicable deductions that the household’s entitled to receive. This includes the child support deduction.

Staff are encouraged to inform SNAP clients about the benefits of verifying their child support expenses, as it will help to reduce their total countable income.

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