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OLGT 2022-44: Cross Programs: EBT Safeguards


Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards are the primary way clients access DTA benefits. Clients set up a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) that serves as their electronic signature to enable a transaction at a point of sale or ATM. Clients are advised to keep their PIN confidential to safeguard their benefits.

There has been an uptick in scams aimed at obtaining EBT card information and PIN numbers to steal cash benefits, this is known as skimming. Skimming involves the use of electronic equipment to capture EBT card information and create a counterfeit or duplicate card. This typically occurs when a device is put on a store’s card-swiping machine or at an ATM to copy EBT, credit, and debit card information. Scammers use the information to make fake EBT, debit, or credit cards. The fake cards are used to steal money from real accounts. Skimming can happen anywhere a credit, debit, or EBT card is swiped.


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