OLGT 2021-98: SNAP: Extending Certification Periods to July 2022



The Department has received authorization to extend certification periods for certain households with a certification end date from December 31, 2021, through January 2022. These certification periods have been extended by 6 months and will end by July 2022. With this change, the Department aims to facilitate the timely issuance of benefits and increase efficiency.

On November 18th, the Department temporarily suspended the BEACON generation of January 2022 SNAP recertification forms. However, by the time the suspension was implemented, grantees with SSNs ending in “0” or “1” were already sent the recertification form. These households are required to complete the recertification process in order to continue receiving benefits.

On the evening of December 3rd, BEACON resumed sending January SNAP COVID-19 recertification forms to all other clients who do not qualify for the 6-month extension.