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OLGT 2021-61: Cross Programs: Domestic Violence Enhancements Phase 1



The Department is implementing various BEACON enhancements, in phases, to improve client access, and to deliver critical domestic violence services more efficiently to both DTA and non-DTA clients. Phase One enhancements focus on Heightened Level of Security (HLS), identifying a narrative entered by a DV Specialist and changes to the Address page in BEACON. These systems changes include:

  • the automatic removal of HLS when a case is denied or closed;

  • the addition of a pop-up message in BEACON when a client who

    formerly had HLS reapplies or is reinstated. This message will prompt staff to ask the client whether they want to retain HLS and/or the Blocking of Online Services;

  • require revisitation to the Domestic Violence and Access Online Service pages whenever an HLS client reapplies, or their case is reinstated;

  • automatic recoding a case with HLS if they reopen as a SNAP-only case with no interview held and had HLS at the time of the most recent denial or closing;

  • Blocking Online Services automatically being set to Yes when a client who previously had HLS initiates a new application;

  • the replacement of ‘Battered Women’s Shelter’ with ‘DV Shelter’ on the Address page;

  • an indicator for clients participating in the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) for a mailing address and edits preventing the entry of a Residential or Permanent address on the Address page for ACP participants;

  • adding Domestic Violence as a good cause reason when clients are having difficulty meeting a Department program rule for TAFDC, EAEDC, and SNAP; and

  • the addition of a new purple Domestic Violence Specialist icon in the BEACON narrative tab which will identify narratives entered by a DV Specialist.

    Note: Not all client/DV Specialist communications require a narrative, therefore, you will not be able to solely use this icon to identify if a DV Specialist has worked on a case.

    Note: Clients can request HLS or request the removal of HLS with a telephonic or written self-declaration, or by completing the HLS-1 Confirmation/Declination form.

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