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OLGT 2021-58: SNAP: COVID-19 Streamlined Recertification Process and Interview Waiver


As the Department continues applying the flexibilities permitted under the Continuing Resolution Bill, the COVID-19 recertification guidance in Online Guide Transmittal 2020-82 is being transferred into the Online Guide. Furthermore, the guidance has been updated to include answers to commonly raised questions, procedures that have been issued since the November 2020 deployment of 2020-82, and a procedural change involving households with earned income.

Systems changes are planned to take effect on July 16th, so that BEACON will no longer automatically process COVID-19 recertifications for households with earned income on record. Staff are reminded that, although COVID-19 recertification households are otherwise recertified using the IR procedures, these households must verify earned income whenever a member has earnings, even if the earned income amount has not changed (or has only changed by less than $100 since the previous certification).

Staff are also reminded that, just as clients are never required to complete an interview at IR, COVID-19 recertification households are never required to complete an interview at recertification. However, a relatively small number of SNAP households will receive the regular recertification form; these (non-COVID-19 recertification) households are waived from the interview requirement if they have no outstanding mandatory verification.

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