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OLGT 2021-47: Cross Program: Fresh EBT Mobile Application



The Department has received questions from staff about a mobile application called Fresh EBT, which many clients have reportedly been using.

Fresh EBT is a program created by the nonprofit organization, Propel, to help low-income Americans obtain food relief and achieve financial independence. Clients can use Fresh EBT to check their EBT balance, review their EBT transaction history, locate pantries and farmers’ markets, download coupons and recipes, and search for jobs. Fresh EBT can be downloaded for free from the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

Additionally, Propel in collaboration with GiveDirectly (a different nonprofit organization) has implemented a program in which registered users of Fresh EBT can receive a transfer of $1,000 if they meet certain financial eligibility criteria and reside in an area determined to have the highest risk of COVID-19. This cash transfer is randomly issued to eligible participants whenever both organizations have the funds available (based on their donations for the month). When the funds are available, Fresh EBT gives users the option to sign up; however, participants can receive no more than one payment.

Because this is a non-recurring lump sum payment, this $1,000 payment is non-countable income for both SNAP, TAFDC, and EAEDC.


Staff are reminded that Fresh EBT is not a substitute for the DTA Connect mobile application. DTA Connect supports a wide range of functionalities, outlined in the Online Guide, DTA Connect Overview.

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