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OLGT 2021-19: SNAP: Revised Medical Expense Flyer


This transmittal provides information regarding updates to the SNAP Medical Expense Flyer and additional languages in which the flyer is available. The Medical Expense Brochure has been replaced with the Medical Expense Flyer. The form is now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

The flyer informs elderly and disabled individuals how claiming medical expenses may increase their SNAP benefits. The document explains which medical costs clients can claim, acceptable verifications, and how to submit verifications to the DTA.

Since all TAO staff are working remotely, they are unable to provide clients with a physical copy of the flyer in the same way they did when in their TAO. Therefore, the flyer is to be used as a reference tool for case managers when assisting elderly and disabled individuals to maximize their SNAP benefits.

At some point in the future, the Medical Expense Flyer will be issued with the VC-1. However, until that enhancement is deployed, case managers should use the updated flyer as a reference tool and work with their manager to get a physical copy to the client if they need one

The flyer may be found inĀ Policy Online > Online Forms > Alphabetical Listing-All Forms

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