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OLGT 2019-09: TAFDC - Enhancement to Disability Tracking Page


TAFDC applicants or clients claiming a disability must complete a Disability Supplement for a determination by UMASS/DES to request an exemption from certain TAFDC program rules. Currently, if a client has an approved disability exemption period which is set to expire, unless Disability Evaluation Services (DES) receives the Disability Supplement prior to the end date of the disability exemption period, the client loses the exemption and becomes work program required and nonexempt.    

To mitigate this issue, effective February 25, 2019, a BEACON enhancement will be made to the Disability tracking page that allows clients to keep their exemption if the Disability Supplement return date to DTA is prior to the end of their disability exemption Expiration date.  BEACON will now read the Supplement return (date) field instead of the Received at PRO date field. 

Important: Once this enhancement is implemented OLGT 2019-5 will be obsoleted.

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