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OLGT 2018-93: Cross Program: Miscellaneous Updates to the Overpayment and Recovery Pages


An overpayment is a payment that provides a benefit to which the member(s) of a case is not entitled to receive.  Overpayments result from Department error(s), aid paid pending a fair hearing decision, client error(s), client misrepresentation or withholding of information.
An overpayment may be discovered by responding to an external agency match during case maintenance, during a reevaluation or as a result of some other information.  The action taken to recover an overpayment depends upon the amount of the overpayment and its cause.
The Overpayment and Recovery pages were updated to:  

  • clarify the overpayment referral process; 
  • clarify how to input aid paid pending for recoupment;    
  • review the difference between an Unintentional Program Violation and Agency Error; and  
  • introduce new claim compromise policies.
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