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OLGT 2018-84: TAFDC: Budget Changes Letter and Re-Applications


As part of the FY2019 Budget changes, the TAFDC program implemented a 100% Earned Income Disregard, a grant increase for nonexempt clients and raised the asset limit to $5,000.These changes were implemented in November 2018 but were effective retroactively to July 1, 2018. Some TAFDC cases closed between July and November due to these budget changes, but because of the retroactive component should have maintained eligibility for TAFDC.
If a case closed for:

  • earned income in excess of grant,
  • unearned income in excess of grant,
  • excess earnings and support payments,
  • failure to cooperate with bank match procedures, and
  • assets in excess of the asset limit

a letter will be sent to inform clients of the relevant changes to the TAFDC program and invite them to reapply by calling the Central Case Management Office (CCMO). ThisĀ letter also notified clients that they may be eligible for retroactive benefits.

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