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OLGT 2018-34: SNAP: Permission to Share Information


Contracted outreach providers help eligible clients apply for and retain SNAP benefits. The Provider Portal at is exclusively available to contracted providers. To allow these providers electronic access to case information, the Department developed the new Permission to Share Information form. Both the client and the provider must complete this form for electronic access to be granted.

The form differs from the Voluntary Consent to Release Information because it allows for electronic access and authorization to discuss case information. The Voluntary Consent to Release Information does not grant electronic access and only allows Department representatives to discuss case information.

The Permission to Share Information form is authorized at the organization level and is therefore not limited to one particular person within the organization. It has been added to the list of forms identified by the Document Processing Center (DPC). The SNAP Outreach Unit processes these forms and updates the Narrative and Assisting Person page. 

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