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OLGT 2017-70: Cross Programs - Completing Unvalidated Address Change Requests


Prospective SNAP clients may request that applications be sent to their
address via the DTA Assistance Line. Additionally, active DTA clients
(except for those with Heightened Level of Security or who have elected to
block access to online services) can report address changes via the DTA
Assistance Line or DTA Connect.

When BEACON cannot validate the address that was reported, it will be
assigned as an Unvalidated Address Action with a status of Failed. Case
managers must review the address to see if it can be corrected. If successful
the status must be updated to Re-processed and if unsuccessful the status
must be updated to Cancelled. The request must then be resubmitted by the
case manager.

If the address is Re-processed, BEACON will update the address overnight
and will send an SP-RMN form to the client. If the request is Cancelled, the
request will end and the client will need to resubmit their address change.

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