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OLGT 2016-37: TAFDC – Self-Sufficiency Specialists Changes


The position of Self-Sufficiency Specialist (SSS), created as a result of Chapter 158 of the Acts of 2014 is designed to assist teen parents and certain
other TAFDC clients to become economically self-sufficient.

Self-Sufficiency Specialists provide intensive case management and support to all teen parents who are heads of household, whether parenting or pregnant. Other clients who may receive the assistance of an SSS include:

  • young parents (pregnant and/or parenting heads of household under the age of 24); and
  • residents of an emergency assistance shelter, Hotel/Motel, Congregate Shelter, Scattered Site Shelter or Domestic Violence Shelter.

In limited circumstances, and as determined by a DTA manager, SSSs may also assist other clients who have been identified as having significant challenges in moving towards self-sufficiency.

Each TAO has at least one SSS, with a caseload limited to 60 active clients per specialist. Due to caseload limits, assignment of an SSS will be based on availability.



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