OLGT 2016-31: Migration of Special Services Payment System (SSPS) to BEACON


Effective with BEACON Build 48.4, the Special Services Payment System (SSPS) - the system used for vendor payments, funeral payments, relocation benefits - was integrated into BEACON:

  • the SSPS mainframe system was integrated into BEACON effective Tuesday, 7/5/2016.
  • DTA staff were instructed to enter/authorize all new/existing SSPS invoices no later than Thursday, 06/30/2016 using the current SSPS mainframe system.
  • SSPS was not available on Friday, 7/1/2016.
  • SSPS became available on BEACON on Tuesday, 7/5/2016 and must be used to enter and authorize new SSPS payments and release ongoing protective payments.

This move will improve customer service and financial management as well as reduce the flow of paper throughout DTA.

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