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OLGT 2015-27: FEW Responsibilities for the TAFDC Group Orientation Sessions, and New BEACON Functionalities


Effective April 27, 2015, with BEACON Build 47.4, new BEACON functionalities were implemented to ensure that TAFDC clients are afforded opportunities to move to self-sufficiency, and to support the role of Full Engagement Workers (FEWs). BEACON enhancements include:

  • creation of FEW user role;
  • easily identified FEW Narratives;
  • automated appointments for targeted clients;
  • a new automated Appointment Type letter: TAFDC Group Orientation Appointment
  • tracking attendance of clients at TAFDC Group Orientations; and
  • a new Scheduled TAFDC Group Orientation Appointments view which lists client within the TAO scheduled for TAFDC Group Orientation sessions.
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