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OLGT 2015-12: Preparing Documents for Transport to the EDMC


Non-permanent documents no longer need to be separated by household member. When preparing documents for transport to the Electronic Document Management Center (EDMC), only permanent verifications are now required to be isolated and separated by household member.

Permanent verification belonging to the grantee of the case as well as all nonpermanent verifications and non-client specific documents for the entire household must be sent in one bundle with a completed Document Cover Sheet containing the grantee’s identifying information.

An exception to this rule applies to new SNAP applications for individuals who are not known to BEACON. Verification, including permanent verification, for individuals who have not yet been assigned Agency Identification Numbers must be batched and scanned with the application.

Once the application has been entered in BEACON and Agency Identification Numbers have been assigned to each household member, permanent verification belonging to non-grantee household members must be printed and sent to the EDMC for rescanning and indexing under the correct client.


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