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Oct/Nov P-EBT on cards Wed, 12/30 by 11 AM! Spread the word!

DTA shared today that P-EBT benefits will go out onto EBT or P-EBT cards tomorrow, Wednesday, December 30 by 11 AM! This will make a huge difference for hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts families trying to put food on the table. A huge thank you to DTA for making this possible and leading the rest of the country! 
Client facing fliers and materials, along with a lot of very useful P-EBT info, is posted at - please share this website with families as the resource they should check for answers to questions or to get information about help! 
Other information to note:
  • Eligible students will get P-EBT in a lump sum for October and November - the amount will include either $58.60/month (for hybrid students) or $117.20/month (for fully remote students)
  • If families got P-EBT on an EBT card in the past, it will be put on their EBT card again - even if they aren't on SNAP anymore. If they need a new EBT card, they can request one on if their case was open in the past couple of months - or they can call 877-382-2363. The P-EBT balance is added to their SNAP balance - the total balance on DTA Connect or when calling will include both! 
  • If families got P-EBT on a P-EBT card in the past, it will be put on their child's P-EBT card again. If they need a new card, visit
  • If families are not on SNAP and have income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, encourage them to apply for SNAP!!
Please spread the word - DTA will be texting SNAP recipients, but families who do not get DTA benefits will not get a notice in the mail for a few weeks! (DTA does not have phone numbers for most P-EBT only families, so can't expansively text that group). We want to make sure families know ASAP that funds have been added to their EBT or P-EBT cards!!
The next SNAP Coalition meeting will be next Tuesday, January 5! More to come on the meeting and resources on the upcoming 15% boost to SNAP!
We hope you have a relaxing, safe, and healthy New Year.