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Notice Regarding School of Origin Changes

Center for Law and Education

The action alert bullets key points and strategies for family members, their advocates, and homeless liaisons to help ensure that homeless students are enrolled on the first day of school.  The notice concerns  homeless students who are being promoted - e.g., from grade 5 to 6, and will need to move from their elementary “school of origin” to middle school (or middle school to high school) in a different school building that is not technically their “school of origin”.  Amendments to McKinney-Vento effective on October 1, 2016 clarify that these students can stay in the school district where they became homeless.

“Although the amendments to McKinney-Vento do not go into effect until after the school year begins, no such grade-promoting homeless student should be denied the right to enroll in the “receiving school” as his/her “school of origin.”  As all other homeless students who are entitled to remain in their “school of origin,” this subset of students should have their rights honored during the very short period between the start of the school year until October 1st when the amendments take effect.”

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