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Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide


As stated by Idealware: 

We created the Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide to help organizations like yours determine what results and benefits you can reasonably expect from social media, and to guide you through the process of identifying the right channels for different goals. To help you turn the theoretical into the practical, we included a workbook that applies what you’re learning to your own real-world needs. This year, we updated the entire guide with new research, additional sections on goals and strategies, and information about using social media for advocacy and fundraising.

From tool-by-tool comparisons and strategies for success to ways to integrate multiple channels, the guide is based on extensive research, interviews and experience. We’ve also included case studies of organizations successfully using social media for different purposes, and a directory of consultants who can help you implement your plan. (We're also offering a Social Media Decision-Making Toolkit course for hands-on training.)

Social media is a conversation the world is having. Your organization can’t afford to be left out of it. Idealware’s Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide can help you find your voice.

The updated 2011 Decision Guide covers:
•What social media is, and why it might be useful
•How goals, audiences and metrics drive decision-making
•Specifics on the tangible value of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photo- and Video-Sharing Sites, and more.
•Choosing an effective social media mix
•Integrating your communications
•A workbook
•A directory of consultants

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