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Next Steps flier for SNAP applicants, DTA clarification about dependent care costs

Next Steps Flier: For Organizations Helping Households Apply for SNAP
MLRI has updated our Next Steps flier for helping organizations- see attached (in word so you can add your information). Organizations can use this to remind SNAP applicants about what will happen next in their case. Also, on MassLegalServices we have posted fliers about the role of an assisting organization vs. an authorized representative, and ways a helping organization should and should not help with the SNAP interview process. 
Are households getting calls from DTA for their application interview? Please let us know what you are seeing! 
SNAP Dependent Care Deduction: DTA Policy Clarification
SNAP households can tell DTA about dependent care costs to boost their SNAP (for child care or adult care for those with disabilities). 
Federal rules say that dependent care costs can be claimed if the care is necessary for the household to look for, accept, or continue employment, or to go to school or a job training program. Last week, DTA updated their policy to be clear that those looking for work can claim dependent care costs. Before last week DTA's policy was not clear about this. Thank you to DTA for fixing this, and to Michael Morelli at Community Legal Aid for flagging this issue! 
DTA's policy is posted on the Online Guide here, and their helpful case examples are here. 
If you need more information about claiming dependent care costs, see the dependent care question in the SNAP Advocacy Guide.
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