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News on HIP, Food is Medicine and School Meals; No Student Hungry Coalition meeting July 18th

There's been lots of great local news we wanted to be sure you saw while keeping up the drum roll up on the FY20 Budget priorities for HIP, SNAP Gap and other important campaigns.

  • Forest Park Farmers’ Market (Greenfield) works with SNAP familiesMassLive 6/17/19  One farmer said “30 percent of his total sales come from SNAP customers during the early part of the season when his farm sells “everything leafy.”  Clearly a win-win for low income consumers and farmers!  
  • 'Food Is Medicine' Report Outlines Menu Of Options”  WBUR June 19, 2019  “At a time when consumers are paying more attention to nutrition and the source of their food, the state could do more to integrate food into health care as a way to address chronic conditions and avoid some health care spending, a new report found.”  Check out the Mass Food is Medicine State Plan
  • America Has a Hunger Problem, The Atlantic  This powerful document, created by The Atlantic for Feeding America is worth reading. “We’ve all experienced hunger—that gnawing reminder to eat. But for the 40 million Americans, including more than 12 million children, who live with food insecurity, the sensation isn’t temporary or easily satiated. It is persistent, pernicious, and damages everything it touches, from behavior and brain chemistry to physical health and societal infrastructure. This is how hunger threatens our minds, our bodies, and our communities.” 

On the school meals front, in addition to the 6/13 Boston Globe school meal shaming article published again on 6/18, we were thrilled to read that Fall River School Committee voted to offer free breakfast and lunch to students next year! Please thank the FR School Committee! See Fall River Herald  June 12, 2019   See also New FRAC Report Elevates Community Eligibility as a Key to Hunger-Free Schools  FRAC Blog Post 6/13/19

The next meeting of the Massachusetts No Student Hungry Coalition is scheduled for Thursday, July 18th at Mass Law Reform Institute from 10 to Noon.  If you are interested in attending – in person or by conf call - please RSVP HERE.  

This meeting is to discuss the pending legislation on school meal “shaming” and meal debt, likely to have a hearing this September.  We will also give you a brief update on federal legislation field by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D–MN) – the No Shame at School Act – that would put an end to lunch shaming in every state. 

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