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National Call in Day to Protect Health Care

The Republican bill to repeal & replace Obamacare & gut Medicaid has dropped out of the headlines, but the danger is still very real.  Today is a national call in day to Senators who may be asked  to vote on the "American Health Care Act" (AHCA) before the end of June.

Call the Health Care Defense Hotline at 866-426-2631 NOW, and tell your Senator to vote no on the AHCA

The disastrous American Health Care Act that would leave 23 millions Americans without health care passed the House in May.  The Senate is now working on a similar bill in secret --hoping to railroad it to passage before the July 4 recess. What's in the Senate bill? We don't know --rumors are it's just a slightly tweaked version of the House bill but it's being carefully kept from public view.

See today's Boston Globe editorial, "The GOP's sneak attack on health care."

What can we do here in Massachusetts?

Call Senators Markey & Warren, thank them for their strong defense of Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act and urge them to keep up the pressure.  Pass along your personal experience to help them make the case for coverage.

Join Health Care for All's campaign to ask your friends & family in states with Republican Senators to call their Senators to protect our health care.

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