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MLRI's new Advocacy Tool for Elder and Disabled Tenants: How to Lower Your Rent and Boost your SNAP Benefits

We are delighted to release our new Guide:  How to Lower your Rent and Boost Your SNAP Benefits: An Advocacy Tool for Elder and Disabled Public/Subsidized Housing Tenants - available online HERE:  
Big thanks to DTA for issuing recent guidance confirming that the medical expenses claimed and verified for housing can be claimed for SNAP, and the Department for Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for alerting both the Local Housing Authorities and Mass Rental Voucher Program agencies about this policy.  
MLRI's Advocacy Tool walks you through the basics of how both SNAP benefits and public and subsidized rent are calculated, when claiming medical expenses can make a difference and how to get a SNAP or housing case fixed. It also gives you samples of HUD and state housing "Rent Calculation Worksheets" that DTA will now accept as verification for medical expenses under SNAP and copies of recent communications from DTA and DHCD about this new policy. Please let MLRI know how this is working for your clients! 

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