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MLRI'S 2011/12 Basic Public Benefits Training Series - starts September 15th!

MLRI is gearing up for its 2011/2012 Basic Benefits Training series !  We are offering a total of 11 sessions starting September 15th through April 4, 2012 including on:
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Emergency Assistance Shelter and Homeless Benefits
  • Cash Assistance (TAFDC and EAEDC)
  • Food Stamps/SNAP
  • Income Max for Working Poor Households
  • SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Elder Benefits
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Immigrant and Benefits
  • CORI Basics
  • Health Care Access
For the full schedule and registration, go to:  If you are a non-profit community agency, Legal Services advocate or lay advocate, the registration fee is $25 per session (this covers the costs of printed materials, MLRI 's updated advocacy guides and logistics).   
The first session on September 15th starts with the nuts and bolts of Unemployment Insurance (UI) and how to represent persons denied UI benefits.  Did you know that over 50% of UI claimants who appeal the denial of UI win their appeals - which includes persons who appeal pro se (without representation) ?  Even if you or your organization do not provide representation at UI hearings, this UI session may be helpful if you work with employed or recently unemployed persons who need to know about their UI rights!