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MLRI Report: "The Limit of Limits: Lessons from Massachusetts' Welfare Study"

Deborah Harris, MLRI and others

Excerpt. . .Deborah HarrisMassachusetts Law Reform Institute(617) 357-0700December 2000Families in Massachusetts began to reach the state?s 24-month welfare timelimit in December 1998. The Department of Transitional Assistance has released areport on the first welfare recipients to be terminated because of the time limit and acomparison group of other recipients who left welfare during the same period: AfterTime Limits: A Study ofHouseholds Leaving Welfare Between December 1998 andApril 1999 (November 2000).? The report shows that ending welfare-even during abooming economy-does not assure economic stability for families. Additional incomesupports are necessary for these families? survival and well-being. The report alsoshows that education and training are critical if welfare recipients are to secure jobsthat will support their families, and that families are better able to participate ineducation or training while they are on welfare than after they leave.

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