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MBTA Announces Discount T-Pass for Low-income Youth (under age 26); DTA "Blurb" Reminding Workers re Language Access

MBTA T-Pass for Low-income Boston Area Youth, including individuals receiving SNAP!

The MBTA recently announced a discounted youth pass for individuals under persons under age 26!  The good news starting February, 2017, there will be a $30/month T pass for individuals born between 1991 and 1997 who can demonstrate enrollment in either an "MBTA's accepted GED or job training program OR a state/federal income-based program" - such as SNAP, TAFDC, MassHealth. BUT - this discounted T pass is only available to individuals living in Boston, Somerville, Malden and Chelsea. Poco a poco!​

For more info, go here: 

And here is a link to the qualifying programs (either enrolled in a qualifying education and training program or receiving a need-based benefit including SNAP, Medicaid, etc):: 

DTA Sends Reminder to Staff on Interpreter Services

DTA recently issued the Blurb #66 - text below and PDF attached - to remind DTA staff that limited English proficient (LEP) households have a right to a professional interpreter. DTA will must provide an interpreter through use of bilingual staff, a DTA interpreter or using the DTA Language Line.  

For more information on basic LEP rights:

  • See MLRI's short youtube videos in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Haitian Creole for clients on Language Rights HERE

  • And more information for advocates on our webpage HERE.

An important reminder about Interpreter Services - 

To comply with federal law, the Department must advise clients of the right to professional interpreter services regardless of language, national origin or noncitizen status, and must provide interpreter services to clients whose primary language is not English. Interpreter services must be provided to clients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) at the first point of contact.

Clients with LEP or requiring an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter must not be turned away or told to return with an interpreter. A client who presents - either in person or by telephone - with an adult intending to act as an interpreter, must be advised that DTA will provide a professional interpreter free of charge. After being informed, the client may decline the use of professional interpreter services and choose to have the adult serve as an interpreter. 

Important: Children over age 12 may interpret only to schedule an appointment. Children age 12 and under must not be asked to interpret for any purpose.

For more information and resources, please review the Interpreter Services section of the OLG and the Interpreter Services Information page available through Policy Online.

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