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Materials/template-comment by 12/2 against cutting SNAP for 200k!

Materials and MA template for commenting against proposed rule cutting SNAP for 200,000 in MA- Deadline 12/2!
The Trump Administration is, yet again, trying to take the food off low income households - this time by changing the way that utility costs are taken into account in the SNAP math. 
We know that 2019 has been full of commenting - but this rule is very, very important for MA to oppose! This rule would have the largest harm of all 3 rules so far - cutting $100 million in SNAP over the next year (for context, the categorical eligibility rule would have cut SNAP by about $68 million/year). That is almost 10% of the SNAP that comes into MA each year.   
MLRI and our national partners, CBPP, did a webinar yesterday on this important issue. Attached is the PPT, and you can click here for a copy of the recording. 
In terms of additional materials to help with your comments:
  • here is a 1 pager on the impact of the proposed rule in MA
  • here is a MA template that organizations can use for comments - please add as much personalized information as possible in order to ensure your comment counts!! See highlighted areas for where to focus with specifics about your organization/your community. 
  • attached is the sample impact of the rule on seniors and persons with disabilities 
Please let Pat or Vicky know if you have questions. Thank you for all your work to protect SNAP!!