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MassHealth Renewals/RFIs and Continuous Coverage During the Federal Public Health Emergency

Office of Medicaid

Attached is MassHealth's description of its plans to resume renewals of MassHealth eligibility starting in May 2021. It will be maintaining protections from termination of MassHealth coverage under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) provisions  for people enrolled in Medicaid on March 18, 2020 or later for the duration of the public health emergency. However, pursuant to CMS final rules and guidance documents, MassHealth will be downgrading some MassHealth coverage from MassHealth Standard to CarePlus, and has elected to resume application of the HSN rule that reduces HSN to dental only 90 days after people are found eligible for ConnectorCare and HSN.

Also attached is a new notice that will be sent to members telling them when their coverage is remaining the same due to the FFCRA protection. This notice is a heads-up that either people must take action to remain eligible after the public health emergency ends, such as returning a renewal form, or, that based on current information they will no longer be eligible. There will of course be additional noticing and opportunities to update information in 2022, post-pandemic, but individuals who can take action now to push a renewal forward for 12 months based on current information should do it.

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