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Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Issues Recommendations for Helping Low Income Communities During COVID19 Outbreak

Boston, Mass. – The Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI), a nonprofit statewide poverty law and policy center that advances laws and policies to secure economic, racial and social justice for low-income communities, today released policy recommendations to help low income people, the working poor and marginalized communities during the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

“The COVID19 crisis will be drastic, and it will have long-lasting impacts on the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable people and communities,” said Georgia Katsoulomitis, MLRI’s executive director. “It has unfortunately, but not surprisingly, quickly unveiled many of the shortcomings in our society. This crisis is not affecting all of us equally. It has sadly shone a bright light on the many issues poverty law, social justice, and civil rights advocates have been warning about for a very long time. For many years, but most profoundly during the Trump Administration, the United States has shredded the social safety net. What we are seeing now, and what we will inevitably see in months to come, is what happens to our community – indeed, our society – when that happens. Everyone and everything is impacted: our individual and collective health, safety, stability, economy - everything. We are -- and have always been -- in this together. COVID19 has only shined a light on that fact.”

MLRI has put together a set of immediate, urgent recommendations, ranging from addressing food security, housing, employment/Unemployment Insurance (UI) helping families in extreme poverty, and more. See the attached statement for the list of priority / immediate recommendations for action.