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Lift the Cap on Kids


Welfare Family Cap on the Verge of Repeal!

The House and Senate are on the cusp of repealing the welfare family cap. 

In January 2017, Representative Decker filed the House bill, H. 85, to repeal the family cap. Senator DiDomenico filed the Senate bill, S.34.

The House budget repeals the family cap effective July 2019. The Senate budget repeals the family cap effective January 2019.

See our fact sheet with list of supporting organizations on the second page.

What is the Cap on Kids?

The Cap on Kids – also called the Family Cap – denies welfare benefits to children conceived while – or soon after – the family received benefits.

Massachusetts denies benefits to 8,700 children because of the Cap on Kids.

What is the impact of the Cap on Kids?

  • The Cap on Kids causes everyone in the family to suffer – including the excluded child’s older siblings.
  • Welfare benefits are very low – $578/month for a family of three, but only $478 if one of the children is excluded by the Cap on Kids. Welfare benefits go up by about $100 a month as family size increases.

 “[Family cap] children are undernourished not because of acts of God, but acts of legislation.  Malnourished children increase health costs in the short term and jeopardize Massachusetts’s future work force in the long term.” Deborah A. Frank, MD, Director, Grow Clinic for Children, Boston Medical Center

See "Why Pediatricians Urge Family Cap Repeal," Children's Health Watch. 

  • The Cap on Kids does not reduce births to mothers on welfare. Welfare families on average are the same size as families in the general population.

  “I don’t know a woman – and I don’t think she exists – who would have a baby for the sole purpose of having another [$100] a month.” State Senator Holly Mitchell (D. CA), successfully advocated for 2016 CA repeal

Massachusetts is one of only 17 states that still have a Cap on Kids or similar policy. 

Seven states that had kids cap policies have repealed them. See map

We can afford to lift the Cap on Kids. 

Massachusetts’s spending for TAFDC is less than 20% of what it was in 1995 when the Cap on Kids was enacted. The "savings" from the drop in the caseload can be used to lift the Cap. See chart here.

Please Support the Campaign to Lift the Cap on Kids -- Value All Children Equally

68 Representatives have signed onto the House bill and /or the Senate bill (click "Print Preview" to see the list of signers). Fourteen Senators have signed onto the Senate bill.

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Sign the petition to Lift the Cap on Kids.

Please Help Our Most Vulnerable Kids.  

Ask your legislator to urge the Speaker and the Senate President to Lift the Cap on Kids!

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