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KCS Blog on DESE Guidance of 3/26/20 on Providing FAPE

Kotin, Crabtree and Strong

Kotin Crabtree's Special Education Blog discusses the guidance from MA DESE of  March 26, 2020 which replaces the guidance of March 17.  This guidance includes some information from Governor Baker's order of March 23 that public and private day schools muct remain closed until May 4, 2020.  The 3/26 guidance states that schools must provide FAPE to students with IEP's.   

From the blog:  "DESE’s latest update comes as a welcome change from its previous guidance pertaining to the provision of a FAPE to its students. We anticipate that the USDOE and DESE will issue further guidance as school closures continue. In light of the continued school closures, DESE must continue to ensure that school districts across the Commonwealth provide their special education students with FAPE by developing effective remote learning models. As the USDOE and DESE recommend, school districts and parents/guardians must work collaboratively to make this happen. We encourage parents and guardians to contact their local school districts to ensure that the schools are following their state and federal responsibilities, and to develop a workable plan to ensure that their children are receiving a FAPE in these challenging times."

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