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Justice Prevails: Immigration Public Charge Rule Blocked, Message from MLRI's ED Georgia Katsoulomitis

Statement of Georgia Katsoulomitis, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Regarding Public Charge Rule Preliminary Injunctions
The Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) applauds the decision of Judge George B. Daniels of the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York today to issue a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump Administration’s new public charge rule from taking effect on October 15.  Preliminary injunctions were also issued by federal judges in the Eastern District of Washington (state) and the Northern District of California today.
Rather than working with Congress to pursue comprehensive immigration reform, the Trump Administration has instead sought to use the regulatory process to pursue an agenda that is steeped in xenophobia and racist stereotypes. President Trump has made his views clear about the kind of immigrants he wants to allow into this country: white European immigrants and preferably those who are economically upper class. His administration has used all of the levers at its disposal to sow fear among immigrant communities and to reshape longstanding American immigration law and policy to keep black, brown, working class, and low income people out of the United States. The new public charge rule, thankfully blocked today, is just another attempt to advance a xenophobic policy agenda intended to punish and exclude the very immigrants who built this country and made it a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.
Once again, justice has prevailed and has thwarted an openly harmful and unjust Trump Administration proposal.  Across the country, advocates and community members have worked for more than a year to prevent this unjust rule from taking effect. We are thankful and gratified that our collective efforts were successful.  We will continue to work with our partners and allies in Massachusetts and nationally to prevent this rule from being implemented and to challenge all other proposals that seek to harm immigrant families or that deny opportunity and justice for all.
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) is a nonprofit statewide poverty law and policy center. MLRI provides statewide advocacy and leadership in advancing laws, policies, and practices that secure economic, racial, and social justice for low-income people and communities. For more information, visit

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