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Invitation to Join DTA Local Office Advisory Boards

DTA Commissioner Curley recently issued a letter inviting more participation in the local advisory Boards.  A number of Coalition members already participate in DTA Local Advisory Boards in Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Revere, North Shore and other area offices around the state. DTA is also in the process of creating advisory boards in Fitchburg, Lawrence, Malden, Plymouth, and Southbridge.

Coalition members report that participation in advisory Boards are a great way to work with DTA staff to identify on barriers to service, make recommendations to improve services, and build good working relationships with the local office.  There are often openings in existing Boards that have unfilled seats or member's two year terms expire. And DTA is forming five new boards in the coming months. As DTA notes in the attached materials: "Each Board will be comprised of 15 to 30 members representing varied interests, such as disability support organizations, local housing authorities, workforce development vendors, colleges and universities, local businesses, and community representatives." 

It is also important to highlight that the state law establishing the advisory Boards, MGL Chapter 18, Section 7, requires DTA to try to appoint a certain number of consumers of DTA services as Advisory Board members as well.  If you have any DTA clients who might be interested in participating on a local advisory Board, please encourage them to apply. If your clients have barriers to participation (for example, travel or child care needs), please let DTA or MLRI know. There may be a number of ways to address some of these needs to enable the individuals to fully participate.

Attachedto this post are::

  • Commissioner Curley's invitational letter
  • An application form for the Boards
  • A DTA fact sheet on local advisory Boards 

Please share these with your colleagues and interested clients.