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Invest in Children - the TAFDC Grant Campaign

Massachusetts Welfare Coalition

The Administration projects spending $44 million less for TAFDC (4403-2000) in FY 15 than the FY 14 budget because of projected declining caseloads.

  • $36 million is enough to support a 15% increase – about $70 a month for the typical family. This would be $8.2 million less than level-funding.
  • TAFDC grants were last raised in July 2000.
  • Grants have lost nearly half their value to inflation over the last 25 years. A modest increase of $70 a month is long overdue.

TAFDC grants pay barely one-third of the federal poverty level.

  • The maximum grant for a family of 3 with no income is $618 a month, only 37% of the federal poverty level.
  • Grants are too low for families to pay rent, so more families become homeless.
  • Children in extreme poverty are at real risk of permanent harm. 

Please ask the Senate President and Chairman Brewer to invest part of the savings from the caseload decline in our lowest income children.  Please ask them to include a desperately needed grant increase in the FY 15 budget. 

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