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Increase the text size of your screen

The quickest way to increase the text size of your screen is to press [Ctrl] and the '+'  key at the same time (Mac users can use [Cmd] and the '+' key).

To reset the text size back to normal, you can press [Ctrl] and 0 (Mac users can use [Cmd] and 0).

If you don't want to use this keyboard shortcut, find your browser in the list below and follow the instructions. 

Internet Explorer

Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
Zooming in IE


Click the Customize and Control icon, and change the zoom setting.
Zooming in Chrome


If the Firefox menu isn't showing at the top of your screen already, press the [Alt] key to temporarily bring up the Firefox menus. Click View , and then click Zoom.
Zooming in Firefox


Click the menu icon, and select the zoom setting.
Zooming in Safari