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Hunger Awareness Month: Local Mayors Step up to Plate; Infographics on how SNAP helps Kids and Elders; GBFB Media Defending SNAP

Local, state and national anti-hunger advocates are dialing it up! Thank you all for your tremendous advocacy during Hunger Awareness Month.  Keep it up.

We want to share with you some excellent advocacy and powerful tools you can use to communicate with local, state and federal elected officials and the media about the importance of SNAP:

1.  Central and Western Mass Mayors to Weigh in with MA MOCs Urging SNAP Defense

Big thanks to the Worcester County Food Bank and Food Bank of Western MA for their terrific advocacy getting local mayors to send letters to the Massachusetts members on the importance of defending and protecting SNAP.  Please keep it up!  These are terrific letters and the more we can get the better.  KUDOS to Martha Assefa, Liz Sheehan Castro of the WCFB and Laura Sylvester of the FBWM for their wonderful advocacy here!

Worcester Mayor available on FRAC website here:

Five Western MA Mayors - from Easthampton,  Northampton, North Adams, Pittsfield and Springfield.  Letters available here: and on FRAC website.

Please ask your mayor to weigh in!  Keep in mind, given the recent destruction from Hurricanes Harvey and now Irma, Disaster SNAP also plays a critical role in emergency response and another reason we cannot afford to block grant SNAP.

2. Greater Boston Food Bank Editorials: Why We Must Work Together to Fight Hunger

The GBFB, Catherin D'Amato, and her team crafted excellent opinion pieces in Eastern Mass media outlets highlighting the critical importance of SNAP and including local food security data in each county. Here's two of the GBFB letters. THANK YOU Catherine ! :

Cape Cod Times (9/9/17):

Metro West Daily News (8/26/17):

3. Children's Health Watch (CHW) Infographic on SNAP and Farm Bill recommendations

We are excited to share CWH's newest infographic on the health benefits of SNAP. This is an incredibly powerful image that should get circulated far and wide. use this in your advocacy.

CHW also published their Farm Bill recommendations with citations to research on their website. The CHW recommendations can be found here:  These recommendations are excellent. (Note that MA is a "broad based categorical eligibility" state - one of 38 states with no SNAP asset test and higher gross income test)..

4. Benefits Data Trust Infographic on SNAP and and Elders:

And here's a powerful infographic from Benefits Data Trust which highlights how access to food improves health outcomes and reduces health care costs. The Info graphic HERE also highlights that 3 of 5 seniors are eligible to participate in SNAP but do not! More outreach is needed, not SNAP cuts ! 

This is based on their recently released research report done with John Hopkins University and the state of Maryland looking at health outcomes of low income seniors with and without SNAP, here's there report: Access to Public Benefits among Dual Eligible Seniors Reduces Risk of Nursing Home and Hospital Admission and Cuts Costs.

WE NEED YOUR ONGOING ADVOCACY Defend and Strengthen SNAP! Please keep up the noise level as Congress gets back to work post Labor Day! 

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