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How to find out if a real estate property is covered by the CARES Act


Among other protections, the CARES Act restricts lessors of covered properties from filing new eviction actions for non-payment of rent.  See more detail on the National Housing Law Project websites.

Per NHLP,  covered properties include those that:

  • participates in a “covered housing program” as defined by the Violence Against Women Act(VAWA) (as amended through the 2013 reauthorization);
  • participates in the “rural housing voucher program under section 542 of the Housing Act of 1949”;
  • has a federally backed mortgage loan; or
  • has a federally backed multifamily mortgage loan. See Sec. 4024(a)(2).

Sometimes this information about the source of the morgage or loan is recorded in public records, but sometimes it is not.

  • Properties that have multifamily FHA or USDA mortgages are searchable on the National Housing Preservation Database:
  • Some subsidies are searchable on the National Housing Preservation Database:

Property owners, such as landlords, can also do the following:

For multifamily housing see this spreadsheet; the spreadsheet was compiled by  a Seattle Times reporter (here are her tweets talking about where she got this info).

NHLP has created a searchable database of multifamily projects subject to federal eviction moratoriums,

Even if the property does not appear in one of these databases, it may be a covered property.

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