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Health Connector COVID SEP Ending 7/23; Meeting Reminder

The Health Connector is not extending its COVID-19 special enrollment period (SEP). This special enrollment period will end tomorrow, July 23. 
That means today and tomorrow is the last chance for many people to apply for coverage through the Health Connector until the next open enrollment period. 
This will impact people who don't qualify for any other (non-COVID) special enrollment period, and who are not newly eligible for ConnectorCare either because (1) they were found eligible for ConnectorCare earlier in 2020 and they didn't enroll by the deadline, or because (2) their income is over 300% of the federal poverty level.
Qualifying events for a (non COVID) special enrollment period include: (1) losing your insurance through your job, (2) exhausting COBRA coverage (but dropping COBRA because it's too expensive does not qualify), and (3) others- see the list of qualifying events here.
Also, our Health Care Working Group meeting is today from 3:00-4:30pm. We'll be talking about updates to MassHealth and the Health Connector policies, and discussing why MassHealth enrollment hasn't grown as much as expected, and why so few people are using MassHealth's new flexibilities.