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GovPulse -- a search tool for the Federal Register

lock_open is a new search tool for the Federal Register.  The database includes the full text of the Federal Register from 1994 onward, and enable users to do searches in a variety of ways: 

  • by keyword (any word found in the text of the Federal Register)
  • by location  (e.g., Massachusetts)
  • by agency name (e.g. Food and Nutrition Service)
  • by publication date.

It is also possible to save these searches as an RSS feed, so whenever new information is published that meets your search criteria, you will be notified via your RSS feed. also has a variety of "browse" options, and includes a list of Newly Opened Comments, Comments Closing Soon, and Newly Proposed Rules on its home pages.  The URL for govpulse is

Note that the Federal Register can also be found on the GPO website,

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