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Governor's FY 2014 Budget Proposal: MLRI's Preliminary Analysis of Selected Issues


The Governor’s FY 2014 Budget Proposal: Preliminary Analysis of Selected Housing and Homelessness, Cash and Nutrition Assistance, Child Care, Child Welfare, and Health Care Items

On January 23, 2013, Governor Patrick released his budget proposal for fiscal year 2014 (FY 14), which is referred to as House 1.

House 1 does not propose major cuts in benefits or eligibility for most of the accounts discussed here, but would continue the Administration’s FY 13 policy of denying emergency shelter to many homeless families with children unless and until the children first sleep in a place not meant for human habitation, such as car or an emergency room or outside. This policy is putting families at great risk on a daily basis.

House 1 proposes a modest but much-needed increase to the primary state rental voucher program (MRVP, item 7004-9024) and would establish a Housing Preservation and Stabilization Trust Fund to be used to supplement affordable housing resources. But House 1 would not
ensure that homeless children and their families who will be rendered ineligible for shelter will be housed instead.

Download MLRI's preliminary analysis below.

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