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Governor Patrick Weighs in on House Budget Reconciliation Package - NO CUTS TO SNAP!

Attached is Governor Patrick's letter to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, urging the House of Representatives to REJECT the House Republican Budget Reconciliation Package. The Reconciliation package will cut $33B from SNAP, $36B from the Social Services Block Grant, $43B from the Prevention and Public Health Fund and will restrict access to the Child Tax Credit, harming citizen children in immigrant households. 
As the Governor notes, the SNAP cut includes eliminating the LIHEAA/SNAP (Heat and Eat) policy.  This will affect over 100,000 SNAP households, mostly households with an elder or disabled member (including disabled children) and will trigger a loss of about $70 per month in SNAP benefits.  That's over $84M in lost SNAP benefits!

THANK YOU GOVERNOR PATRICK for taking a stand !!
PLEASE call or email your member of Congress today !!
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