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Government Shut Down and SNAP Benefits; Conference Call & Action Steps

We have gotten some inquiries yesterday about the potential impact of the federal government shut down on the food stamp/SNAP and other programs. DO NOT PANIC, but DO TAKE ACTION !! Here's the skinny on the shut down - SNAP and WIC will continue.... for a while.

Please check out an important webinar on Tuesday that can fill you in on the proposed cuts in Congress, and please check out the websites that can help you and your colleagues (and family and friends across the country) to help stop this madness! The following email includes information USDA, the Food Research Action Center (FRAC), the Coalition for Human Needs (CHN), and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP):

1. Shutdown Impact: As of last night, negotiators from the Obama Administration, the Senate and the House had yet to agree on an FY 2011 spending plan, setting the stage for a federal government shutdown when the current Continuing Resolution expires. According to The Hagstrom Report, should a government shutdown occur after April 8th, “funds have been made available to continue the Women, Infants and Children and Child Nutrition programs through June, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) has sufficient funding to allow benefits to continue through May.” See USDA statement at following link:

2. Congressional Update in Brief: A House Budget Committee-passed FY 2012 Budget Resolution seeks to block grant SNAP and make drastic changes and cuts to many safety net programs. FRAC, the Coalition on Human Needs, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and other allies are gearing up for opposition calls and other actions before the House votes on the Budget Resolution during the week of April 11th. More Members of Congress are joining in “fast” activities to protest budget cuts that will hurt vulnerable people. PLEASE JOIN IN this battle!

Action Needed to Protect SNAP

What: Call Members of the US House of Representatives toll free by dialing the Capitol switchboard via 1-888-245-0215.
When: Call any time between now and when the vote on the FY 2012 Budget Resolution occurs (sometime during the week of April 11th).

Sample Message: I strongly urge you to vote NO on the House Budget Committee's Budget Resolution. It would slash SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid, Medicare, education... in fact, ALL the investments that help Americans to be economically secure. It denies vital help for low-income and middle class people while giving trillions of dollars in tax cuts to millionaires and big corporations. Please reject these extreme proposals--they would weaken federal protections in a recession and stall economic growth for us all.

3. Learn More About FY 2012 Budget: Sign up for CHN’s ‘Extreme Federal Budget Threats Webinar’ set for Tuesday, April 12th from 12:00pm to 1:30 pm eastern time. Register here:

For the FRAC Special Analysis on the FY 2012 Budget proposals, go to:

For the Center for Budget and Policies Priorities analyses of Budget proposal, go to: and for specific analysis on the SNAP program, go to: