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Globe Story: Rising Hunger Among MA Children - Keep the CALLS to Congress!

Many of you may have seen today's Globe highlighting the alarming growth in underweight and malnourished young children seen at Boston Medical Center since the on-set of the recession, with food and shelter costs rising constantly, from 12% of emergency room children of surveyed families in 2007, to 18% in 2010:

And despite the fact that MA is now 8th in the nation in SNAP participation, thousands more needy families are eligible but not receiving SNAP benefits. Just compare the SNAP caseload of 815,000 persons with the MassHealth caseload of over 1,200,000+ persons and you will find needy thousands of persons. Child Health Watch has documented the important contributions that SNAP, WIC and other anti-hunger programs contribute to reducing food insecurity and childhood hunger: [Editor's Note: Link is no longer active] These critical federally funded programs are at risk !!

IF YOU HAVE JUST 5 minutes today, PLEASE CALL your Massachusetts Congressperson and call BOTH Senators Scott Brown and John Kerry.

Ask them to stand firm against any cuts to safety net and entitlement programs, to vote to NOT reduce the deficit on the backs of low/moderate income people. Urge them them to increase revenues and to cut waste in military spending to save essential services. The Massachusetts delegation can make floor statements or press statements, even if the House debt ceiling proposals pass. Your voice is important and the time is NOW. For up-to-date alerts and action steps, please subscribe to the Coalition on Human Needs list serve:

The Food SNAP Coalition will be focusing the ongoing crisis of SNAP caseload explosion, understaffed DTA offices and reaching under served populations as we move our advocacy agenda in the fall. We will also be focusing on improving MA participation rate in the national school meals programs, and protecting WIC and TEFAP/ MEFAP funding. The next Coalition meeting is Tuesday, September 27th. For now, please call your Congressperson and Senators Brown and Kerry!